Nuts About New Zealand

About Us

'Nuts About New Zealand' is a family owned business producing premium quality macadamia nuts. These macadamia nuts are grown on our orchard situated in the rolling green hills of the Kaipara region of New Zealand's North Island. Our Macadamia nut trees are planted in rich well drained soils in this unique micro-climate sheltered from the cold southerly winds. Our orchard primarily consists of two commercial varieties, Beaumont and Pa 39's, these varieties have been chosen to aid cross pollination and extend the flowering period. They are also ideally suited to our climate and selected for their sweet and white kernel. During flowering times bees are introduced to aid pollination and produce a delicious Macadamia blossom honey. All our Macadamia nuts are hand picked at the peak of perfection and then prepared and packaged on site to preserve every ounce of flavour and freshness. In addition to our Macadamia nut flavours we offer a delicious New Zealand Macadamia nut oil and butter. The unique light virgin oil has been cold pressed from macadamia nuts fresh from our orchard. Available in a stylish 200ml dark bottle (for better preservation) and handy pourer spout. Our butter is made from 100% premium New Zealand grown Macadamia nuts. With all the health benefits of the macadamia nut this makes a healthy alternative to any other nut butter. Available in a 175gm jar. Both these delicious products are high in anti-oxidants, rich in monounsaturated fats and contain zero cholesterol. To view our entire range of Macadamia flavours and learn more about our products please visit our online store. To join our mailing list and receive information on our monthly specials, please click below.